What is the Range On The 2024 Nissan LEAF

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Range On The Nissan LEAF

The future is now, and the future is all EVs, as far as the automotive industry is concerned. EVs today are faster, cheaper, bigger, and can go further on a single charge. Many might remember the Nissan LEAF as one of the earliest EVs on the scene. Remember the petite little car? Well, it’s all grown up now, and it’s ready to take on the big guns.

Below, we’ll tell you all about the 2024 Nissan LEAF and the range you can expect from it. And if you’re interested in buying one, McNeill Nissan is the place to shop. We can offer you great deals not just on a brand new Nissan LEAF, but also on a new Nissan Ariya for sale in Wilkesboro and the surrounding areas.

When will the 2024 Nissan LEAF be available?

The LEAF is already here! And we at McNeill Nissan of Wilkesboro have plenty of units at our dealership at 1933 US-421. Swing by today for a zero-commitment test drive.

What kind of car is the 2024 Nissan LEAF?

As we mentioned earlier, the LEAF was one of the earliest and most iconic compact EVs on the scene for a long time. Until 2019, it was the world’s highest-selling electric car. The 2024 Nissan LEAF is a 4-door hatchback. Within the category, you can compare it to a Chevy Bolt EV, a Toyota Prius, or a Hyundai Ioniq.

If you wanted a bigger EV within the Nissan family, you might be interested in a new Nissan Ariya for sale in Wilkesboro or the surrounding areas.

What’s the range on the 2024 Nissan LEAF?

The Nissan LEAF’s range depends on the trim you’re looking to buy. Either way, based on specs and configuration, they’re both spectacularly priced. You can plug the LEAF into a 120-volt or 240-volt outlet, with the latter, of course, charging faster. A DC fast-charging connection is standard on both trims.

  • The base trim is the Nissan LEAF S, which comes with a 40 kWh battery pack with a total range of roughly 149 miles on a single charge. It’s powered by a gutsy electric motor generating 147 hp. This makes it the ideal car to own in the city. Short trips, a commute to work, grocery store haul—the S will have you covered at every step.
  • Next is the Nissan LEAF SV Plus trim. This one packs a little more muscle and performance into the LEAF’s compact body. It’s got a 214 hp-generating electric motor at its heart and is powered by a larger 62 kWh battery. This pushes the LEAF SV Plus’ electric range to a cool 215 miles. That’s fewer recharges, and longer trips around the city in this compact EV.

Why should I buy with McNeill Nissan?

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