Which Nissan Rogue has Leather Seats?

A 2021 Nissan Rogue parked on a mountain top with a city skyline in the valley

The Nissan Rogue first joined the lineup back in 2008.  Since then, it has become not only one of the top selling vehicles for Nissan, but one of the top sellers in the automotive industry.  It has provided versatility and reliability for countless families since its inception.  Not only that, but it offers extraordinary amenities that make it one of the leading models in the United States.

Leather seating has been a sign of luxury in cars for many years.  In fact, leather seating used to only be available in the most high-end vehicles.  Nowadays, drivers can insert leather seating into most vehicles on select trim models.  Since the Nissan Rogue has provided so much comfort to drivers for more than ten years, does it offer a leather interior option?  Let’s find out.

First Generation Nissan Rogue

The first Nissan Rogue generation came with three available trim levels for drivers to choose from.  Packed full of features for even the base model, it caught the attention of countless individuals.  The first generation Rogue ran through 2013, before it was remodeled in 2014.  

In the middle of this generation, it went through a facelift.  This updated the exterior of the Rogue, and added even more interior accessories.  With the modernization of this update, navigation was included in the vehicle as well as the addition of a leather seating option.

While the lower S and SV trims did not offer leather seating, the SL trim always offered leather seating as an option or as the standard.

Second Generation Nissan Rogue

The second generation of the Rogue lasted from 2014 until 2020.  Not only did the SUV once again undergo an exterior cosmetic upgrade, the interior cargo space increased.  Its maximum cargo capacity became 70 cubic feet, which was a fairly significant increase.  The Rogue even offered an optional third row of seating.  This gave the vehicle an edge against many of its competitors, since most compact SUV models strictly had two rows of seats.  However, this option left the lineup in 2019.  The second generation Rogue also introduced a hybrid option.

2020-nissan-rogue-sport-exterior-bannerWith so many advances in technology during these years, the Rogue continually added new features.  Many safety features found their way to the vehicle, including new traction control, a backup camera, auto emergency braking, and collision mitigation.  However, safety is not the only upgrade to find its way to the Rogue.  

The Rogue offered incredible comfort, such as heated seating, as well as a ton of new technology.  Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and Bluetooth became standard on the Rogue’s touchscreen infotainment system.  This touchscreen came available in five- and seven-inch options.

Of course, the Rogue offered leather seating during its second generation.  In fact, the leather seating even received an upgrade as well, making it more comfortable than before.  This seating option was only available on the SL trim.

Third Generation Nissan Rogue

The black and tan leather interior of a 2021 Nissan RogueCurrently, the third generation of the Nissan Rogue is the latest one.  The third generation starts off with the 2021 model, after seven years in the second generation.  One of the first apparent differences is the inclusion of the new Platinum trim.  This makes four available trims for the Rogue, with the Platinum trim now being the top option above the SL.

The Rogue’s new base engine on the 2021 model is a 2.5L 4-cylinder engine with up to 181 horsepower, peppier than the previous option.  However, for 2022 they introduced a turbocharged 3-cylinder engine.  Not only does it provide better gas mileage, but also more power. The Rogue also includes a larger standard infotainment touchscreen, now 8-inches.  The infotainment screen provides standard Apple CarPlay to go along with it.  Available to add onto the Rogue include amenities such as a heated steering wheel, automatic climate control, a panoramic moonroof, and wireless phone charging.

Leather seating is now available on both the SL and Platinum trims.  However, the SV trim does offer a synthetic leather option.  This gives the look and feel of those luxurious leather seats without the high cost or maintenance demands.

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