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Brake Service Wilkesboro NC

Brake Service near Wilkesboro, NC

For as much as we sell the “get-up-and-go” aspect of Nissan ownership at our North Carolina dealership, it goes without saying that stopping is every bit as important. For as crucial as brakes and their corresponding parts are to automotive health, it’s surprising how often drivers overlook their care. That’s why our talented team of Nissan-certified service specialists at McNeill Nissan is dedicated to making certain that your car stops as well as it starts, and works with only the finest Nissan-certified parts when doing so.

Today’s braking systems are made up of a number of parts and pieces that work together to make certain that your car stops as it should, and any one of these parts failing can quickly cause problems for the other parts involved. When a driver visits McNeill Nissan for their brake service, depending on the type of brakes that you have, we’ll look at the brake pads (or shoes), rotors (or drums), calipers, bushings and more. Additionally, we’ll check your fluids and master cylinder to ensure that the hydraulic pressure is getting where it should without interference.

All of our brake service features only the finest Nissan-certified OEM parts, and is performed by the finest ASE-certified technicians you’ll find anywhere. Schedule your brake service today!

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Brake Service Winston-Salem NC

Brake Service Specials and Coupons near Winston-Salem, NC

There are many different symptoms that might lead a driver to seek brake service in the Winston-Salem area, but how do you really know if brake problems are affecting you? That really depends on the vehicle, but many are standard symptoms across all automakers. Is your brake warning light coming on while you’re driving? Is your brake fluid low, or does it appear to be very dirty? Do you hear a grinding or squealing sound when you press the brake pedal? Does it seem like the brakes don’t apply immediately when you press the brake pedal? Or does your car seem to pull in one direction when you apply the brakes?

If any of these symptoms apply to you, then it’s high time that you visit us at McNeill Nissan to schedule brake service. Thankfully, we also offer a host of coupons and seasonal specials on brake service, which help to negate the sometimes-prohibitive costs that can accompany so many auto repairs.

So visit us at McNeill Nissan, conveniently located near Winston-Salem, Hickory and Boone in nearby Wilkesboro, NC for your next brake service. We’ll get you in, out, and back on the road in a hurry!