2017 Nissan Altima vs 2017 Volkswagen Passat

2017 Nissan Altima vs 2017 Volkswagen Passat

Looking for a sedan can be difficult. There are so many brands to compare and so many things to consider. We want to simplify things for you here at McNeill Nissan. That’s why we have built a simple and honest comparison page that dives into two of the most popular sedan models on the road right now. See which one comes out on top in our 2017 Nissan Altima vs 2017 Volkswagen Passat comparison..

By analyzing all the specifications, we have come up with four specs that you really need to keep your eye on when comparing these two. They primarily affect two things that are likely near and dear to your heart: efficiency and comfort. If you want to find out which model comes out on top, just keep reading. If you already find yourself leaning toward the Altima and you live in the Wilkesboro area, then click the link below to see the McNeill Nissan Altima inventory.

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2017 Nissan Altima VS 2017 Volkswagen Passat
Continuously Variable Transmission Automatic
27 City / 39 Highway Fuel Economy (MPG) 23 City / 34 Highway

When comparing horsepower, both vehicles have similar performance profiles with both their base model trims and their top model trims. The difference then really comes down to transmission. Where VW is still stuck in the past with their automatic transmissions, Nissan has largely moved on, which is why the Altima gets a fun, sporty, and wonderfully efficient continuously variable transmission or CVT.

By employing the latest in transmission technology, Nissan is able to put up huge numbers in the efficiency department. With an additional 4 mpg in the city and 5 mpg on the highway, you will rack up the savings with every mile. Fill up less often with the Altima and its amazing CVT.

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2017 Nissan Altima red and silver front and back view
2017 Nissan Altima V6 engine under the hood
2017 Nissan Altima VS 2017 Volkswagen Passat
39.1 Inches / 45 Inches Front Headroom/Legroom 38.3 Inches / 42.4 Inches
Available Heated Steering Wheel Not Available

In a four-door sedan, comfort is clutch. You want to feel like you still have the interior room of a crossover, but with the low-down sporty feel that only a sedan can provide. That’s where the Altima shows you what it’s made of. Not only does the Altima have a significant amount of extra headroom over the Passat, the legroom is absolutely staggering.

The Altima is also looking out for your wellbeing with a host of luxurious features on the top end. Of course you can get premium quality features like leather seats and a Bose sound system, but the Altima goes one step further with an available heated steering wheel. You won’t find that on a Passat. If you want an Altima in the Wilkesboro area, then check out the McNeill Nissan inventory today.

Altima convenience features
2017 Nissan Altima headroom
2017 Nissan Altima black leather interior

2017 Nissan Altima Color Options

Discover all the amazing colors available on the 2017 Altima. You have options that range from black and white all the way to exciting reds and blues. With nine color options available, you need to see all of them to decide which one is right for you.

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